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Doctor Octopus is a Spiderman-villain. The LEGO version of Doctor Octopus appears in various sets, including 4854 Doctor Octopus' Bank Robbery and 4855 Spiderman's Train Rescue. The sets that include him are based on scenes from the movie Spiderman 2.

Character Background Edit

Dr. Otto Octavius was perfecting these metallic tentacles when an accident fused them to his spine. However, he turned into Doctor Octopus and began a life of villainy.

Powers and abilities Edit

Doctor Octopus can use his mechanical arms to smash walls, grab people, and climb up skyscrapers.

Appearance Edit

Doctor Octopus has no trademarked costume,though he usually appears dressed in green .He has no mask,but he wears goggles.There are 2 LEGO minifigure versions of him.One is dressed in green and the other in grey.

In LEGO sets Edit

Doctor Octopus appeared in several LEGO Spider-Man sets.The green version of him appeared in the 4854 Doctor Octopus' Bank Robbery,4855 Spider-man's Train Rescue and 4856 Doctor Octopus' Hideout.The grey minifigure was exclusive to the 4857 Doctor Octopus' Fusion Lab.

Film Edit

Doctor Octopus appeared in Spider-Man 2 portrayed by Alfred Molina.In the film he wears a brown jacket but the LEGO sets introduce a different kind of green Doc Ock.

In LEGO Spider-Man The Series Edit

In Lego Spider-Man The Series,Doctor Octopus appears in Episode 2 and in Episodes 8-10 along with Spencer Smythe helps use the Spider-Slayer but they are both captured when the Spider-Slayer is destroyed.He reappears in Episode 19.He is confirmed to be a member of the Sinister Six.

In The Amazing LEGO Spider-Man Edit

In The Amazing Lego Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus is Spidey's First Supervillain, first apearing in Episode 1 (as Dr. Otto Octavius) then in Episode 3(as Doctor Octopus).