Gwen Stacy

Gwendolyn ''Gwen'' Stacy was the original girlfriend of Peter Parker/Spider-Man.She was killed by the Green Goblin but in other comic book versions survived.When she was killed the Silver Age Of Comic Books ended and a darker,gritter Bronze Age was introduced.

Relationship with Peter Edit

Peter met Gwen at Empire State University (ESU)but Peter ignored her for some time.When their relationship began it soon almost ended as she witnessed Peter fighting with a mind-controlled George Stacy(her father).The relationship was halted for a while and became more complicated when her father was killed when Doc Ock knocked a wall down on a child and George died saving him.She begins to think that Spider-Man killed her father and developed a hatred for Spider-Man but still liked Peter.She left for Europe as she was angry at Peter for refusing to marry her.Peter traveled to London to meet her but did not get a chance to.She returned to New York after a while and they restarted their relationship

Death Edit

In The Amazing Spider-Man#121 she was kidnapped by the Green Goblin and taken to the George Washington Bridge.Spider-Man confronted the Goblin,when Gwen is thrown off the bridge by the Goblin.Spidey shot a web and caught her by the leg,but soon realises she is dead.Peter is not sure wether the whiplash from the sudden stop broke her neck,or if the fall killed her and he blames himself for her death.Consumed by rage,Spider-man viciously attacks the Goblin and out of rage,almost kills him but chooses not to.The Goblin presumably dies when he is stabbed by his own glider in an attampt to kill Spider-Man,but he would return almost three hundred issues later.The death of Gwen shocked readers and fans.Never did a love interest die so suddenly,without warning,and this is why this story is referred to as the end of the Silver Age Of Comic Books.

House Of M Edit

In Spider-Man-House Of M,Gwen was never killed but in fact she married Peter and they had a son.She became a buisnesswoman and had a hostile realtionship with Norman Osborn.

In LEGO Spider-Man The Series Edit

In Lego Spider-Man The Series,Gwen attends ESU with Peter,but Peter is dating Mary Jane Watson.When her father is killed by the Green Goblin she is deeply affected and Peter tries to comfort her.Peter and Gwen do share a brief relationship in the series,but he is mainly interested in Mary Jane.