The Lizard

The Lizard(Dr.Curt Connors)was a supervillain and enemy of Spider-Man.

Character Background Edit

Dr.Curt Connors lost his arm in a war and tried to re-grow it using lizard DNA.His arm was re-grown,but he became the Lizard.He sometimes becomes the Lizard and Spider-Man tries to stop him,because Connors is Peter's science teacher.

Powers and abilities Edit

Connors has enhanced reflexes and super-strength.He also is very quick and fast.His tail can smash walls and hit people.

In LEGO Spider-Man The Series Edit

Connors is Peter's science teacher at ESU in Lego Spider-Man The Series.He has only appeared twice as the Lizard,and only briefly.He knows who Spider-man is and helped to cure Spider-man from his mutated form