A Custom Mysterio mini-figure

Mysterio is a Spiderman-villain who is a professional illusionist.

Character Background Edit

Quentin Beck was fired from his job as a special effects manager in movies. He exacted payback and used his illusions to terrify people and even Spiderman has had a hard time beating him.

Powers and abilities Edit

Mysterio has no super-strength, although he can use illusions and smoke bombs to terrify and knock out his enemies .He is a master hypnotist and magician He had extensive knowledge of hand to hand combat from his stuntman career. Francias Klum, one of the Mysterios, can teleport himself and other objects. He carries halluceogenic gas that can confuse and terrify enemies.

In Lego Spider-Man The Series Edit

In LEGO Spiderman: The Series, Mysterio is an enemy of Spiderman.He disappeared after Episode 10 but reappeared in Episode 16. He is confirmed to be a member of the Sinister Six.

In The Amazing LEGO Spider-Man Edit

In The Amazing LEGO Spider-Man, Mysterio appears in The 3 part saga, Framed by a Mystery.