Spider-Man is a fictional superhero and protector of New York.He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko from Marvel Comics.The LEGO minifigure of Spider-Man appeared in every LEGO Spider-man set apart from the 1374 Green Goblin set.
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The LEGO Spider-Man minifigure

Origins and powers Edit

Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider and developed super strength,the ability to spin webs(thanks to cartriges containing webs that he must constantly re-load),web-slinging and a spider-sense that warns him when danger is approaching.After his Uncle Ben was murdered by a criminal that Peter could have apprehended,he learned from his uncle that ''with great power comes great responsability''and realised that New York needed a hero.He faces supervillains such as the Green Goblin and Doc Ock .

In LEGO sets Edit

The LEGO Spider-Man minifigure appeared in every LEGO Spider-Man set apart from the 1374 Green Goblin set. Every set that he appears in (except for the LEGO Studios sets that he appears in),are based on scenes from the first two Spider-Man movies.