A symbiote is an fictional extraterrestrial being created by Marvel Comics.It bonds with different people to survive.It gives the host enhanced reflexes, a spider-sense similar

to that belonging to Spider-Man.It has had different hosts, including Spider-Man,Eddie Brock, and Mac Gargan.The symbiote is not vulnerable to strong sounds, such as a sonic

blaster(provided by Reed Richards.When esposed to such sound,the symbiote leaves the host, and this is usually how Spider-man manages to defeat Venom.

In Lego Spider-Man The Series Edit

In Lego Spider-Man The Series, the symbiote first attaches to Eddie Brock, although it does not transform him into Venom.It then attaches to Peter Parker in the Daily Bugle.When Peter returns home, he transforms.He notices that Mary Jane has been kidnapped by The Goblins , and rushes to rescue her.During the fight, the Green Goblin kills George Stacy with his own gun.Enraged,Spider-Man attacks and almost kills Norman by impaling him with his glider, and then leaves.Spider-Man then supposedly kills Rhino and the Scorpion under it's posession.He also thwarts an attempted bank robbery by The Sandman with The Black Cat's help.He then is asked by Shannon Carter to return the suit to SHIELD, but refuses.He is allowed to have it for some time.He then stops the Sandman from attacking Wilson Fisk.

Then Bruce and Shannon take Peter to S.H.I.E.L.D. where they try and remove the suit.However, they are insucessful.Next,Peter wears the suit and goes to the Daily Bugle , and convinces J.Jonah Jameson that the pictures of Spider-Man killing George Stacy were fake. Jameson then fires Brock.Brock vows revenge.After Mary Jane leaves Peter,Peter decides to get rid of the symbiote.He does this by using a church bell. Eddie is watching and the suit falls on him.He discovers who Spider-Man is and vows revenge.