The Amazing Lego Spider-Man


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Reggie Wishom

Based on

The Amazing Spider-Man Stan Lee Steve Ditko


Reggie Wishom Brendon Wishom


Reggie Wishom

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United States

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Original run

July 6, 2008-present

The Amazing Lego Spider-Man is a Lego Stop-Motion Animation YouTube series created by Reggie Wishom (a.k.a. darkspidey34 .) The series aired on YouTube July 6, 2008. Currently, there are three seasons with thirty episodes total. Episode thirty-one is scheduled to air on YouTube in 2014.

Darkspidey ProductionsEdit

In July of 2007, Reggie Wishom watched Lego stop-motion videos based on the Marvel Comics superhero , Spider-Man. He thought it looked cool so he created his own Lego stop-motion animation, or brickfilm. In October of that year, he built a small Lego city, moved it into his basement and filmed a pilot episode for The Amazing Lego Spider-Man. He finished editing the first episode in February 2008. He filmed two more episodes after that. Then his mother accidentally restarted the computer, deleting the pilot and causing him to re-film the pilot. Now, as darkspidey34, he is currently working on Season 3: Web of Darkness Episode 33.


Reggie Wishom as Peter Parker /Spider-Man

Brendon Wishom as 


Season 1: Power and Responsibility

Episode Number Title Plot Original Air date
1 The Origin Peter Parker, along with best friends, Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson and their school, go on a field trip to Oscorp Industries, when Peter gets bitten by a radioactive spider, and gets incredible abilities. July 6, 2008
2 With Great Responsibility With his new-found powers, Peter designs an alter ego for himself, calling himself Spider-Man. But when he ends up losing his Uncle Ben, Peter learns "With great power, comes great responsibility". July 6, 2008
3 Armed and Dangerous Spider-Man is still learning the ropes, as Otto Octavius becomes Doctor Octopus, a scientist gone mad. July 8, 2008
4 Sting of the Scorpion Dr. Farley Stillwell, under the control of J. Jonah Jameson, creates Mac Gargan, into the spider's most deadly enemy, The Scorpion. July 11, 2008
5 The Shock of Electro Spider-Man faces Electro; Peter is up to the task of looking out for Aunt May's health problem; J. Jonah Jameson makes an accusation that Electro is Spider-Man.

July 13, 2008

6 The Enforcers

Spider-Man encounters The Enforcers and the mysterious Big Man.

July 18, 2008
7 The Untouchable Kingpin After infiltrating Fisk Industries, Spider-Man ends up facing the Enforcers, and an old flame, he put away in prison: Electro! July 25, 2008
8 Guilty Until Proven Innocent Spider-Man has a plan to end the Kingpin's organization, by exposing him. Sept 5, 2008

Framed By A Mystery: Part I

After being fired from Hollywood, Quentin Beck decides to use his skills against the man who got him fired, by taking on the man who motivated him, known as Spider-Man. Oct 6, 2008
10 Framed By A Mystery: Part II Mysterio continues his rampage on New York. Nov 27, 2008
11 Framed By a Mystery: Part III Spidey thinks of a way to end his mysterious foe. Nov 27, 2008
12 The Revenge Of Scorpion: Part I Scorpion returns to end his foe, Spider-Man. April 1, 2009
13 The Revenge Of Scorpion: Part II In The Season Finale, Spider-Man must end Scorpion, when he takes the city hostage. April 2, 2009

Season 2: The Sins of Oscorp

Episode Number Title Plot Original Airdate

Hunted Part I                    

Spider-Man faces Kraven The Hunter.

July 30, 2009
15 Hunted: Part II

Kraven kidnaps MJ, as Spidey learns about Kraven's past.

Aug 30, 2009

Forces Conspiring

Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk start working together.

Oct 9, 2009


The Amazing Spider-Slayer: Part I

Spencer Smythe creates robots to hunt down Spider-Man.

Nov 11, 2009
18 The Amazing Spider-Slayers: Part II

Alistair Smythe decides to take vengeance on Spider-Man.

Jan 4, 2010
19 Two Birds One Stone: Part I A man called the Hobgoblin hunts down Wilson Fisk. Feb 26, 2010
20 Two Birds One Stone: Part II Hobgoblin double crosses Fisk, and works with Norman Osborn. March 8, 2010
21 Ultimatum Hobgoblin returns to settle the score. April 12, 2010
22 The Caged Octopus Otto Octavius works on his goal to kill Spider-Man, while in Jail. Jun 18, 2010
23 Vendetta: Part I Peter meets Gwen Stacy; Spidey encounters the Green Goblin. Sept 15, 2010
24 Vendetta: Part II Spider-Man figures out Goblin's kidnapped Wilson Fisk. Dec 22, 2010
25 Vendetta: Part III Spider-Man ends the Green Goblin's game. March 17, 2011

Season 3: Web of Darkness

Episode Number Title Plot Original Airdate
26 The Meeting Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk have a meeting in the Osborn Mansion. Jun 15, 2011
27 Invasion: Part I As Peter stops John Jameson from dying, Peter ends up having a black alien, which helps him, when encountering the Rhino. Aug 3, 2011
28 Invasion: Part II Seeing what the alien has done to him, Peter must stop Rhino and Fisk, and get the Symbiote off him. Dec 26, 2011
Prologue Cataclysm Prologue: The Visitor April, 7 2012
Prologue Cataclysm Prologue: Part II May 20, 2012
29 Cataclysm: Part I After being away from the Symbiote, Peter starts encountering the Hobgoblin, and Norman Osborn, who's the Green Goblin once again. July 30, 2012
30 Cataclysm: Part II After being in the hospital, Peter has Gwen finding out he's Spider-Man, as the final endgame, is about to commence. May 29, 2013
31 Regeneration: Part I It's been 1 year, since Gwen's death, as Peter has moved on, until he encounters a giant Lizard in the sewers, as the Lizard is none other than Curt Connors. 2014
What is Darkspidey Productions? (darkspidey34 Channel Trailer)

What is Darkspidey Productions? (darkspidey34 Channel Trailer)

darkspidey34 YouTube Channel trailer