The Sandman (William Baker)is a villain and enemy of Spiderman.

A Custom Sandman minifig

Origins Edit

William Baker fell into a sand-mixer, whereupon his D.N.A. was turned into sand. He then became the Sandman.

Powers and abilities Edit

Because the Sandman's body is made of sand, he absorbs all punches. He can tranform his hands into hammers, or turn into a whirling sandstorm.

Weaknesses Edit

The Sandman's weakness is water. When water goes on him, he turns to mud and flows down a sewer into the sea and usually ends up on a beach.

In Lego Spiderman: The Series Edit

In Lego Spiderman: The Series, the Sandman appears in Episode #17. He is turned into the Sandman by the Kingpin, who wanted to get rid of him. The Sandman held up a bank in Episode #18, but was defeated by Spiderman and the Black Cat. He attacked the Kingpin in Episode #19, but was again defeated by Spiderman and thrown into a manhole. He was voiced by Jwbstudios, who also voiced the Kingpin.